About the Artist

About Kiralee - Crafting Dreams on Canvas

Are you ready to surround yourself with the enchantment of art? I'm Kiralee, a creative spirit with a passion for turning dreams into captivating canvases.

My journey into the art world began after over 16 years as a professional makeup artist in the beauty industry. A friend's suggestion to trade my makeup brushes for paint brushes ignited a creative flame that has been burning ever since.

While I don't hold formal art education, I prefer to call myself self-directed rather than self-taught. I've embraced numerous art workshops and classes independently to guide my artistic journey, and I continue to do so to fuel my growth.

Working with acrylic, oil, and various mediums, my creations are a fusion of  vibrant colors, and rich textures and reflective media. Acrylic's quick-drying nature and layering possibilities appeal to me, while oils contribute a depth of color that adds richness to my pieces.

Now, let's talk about the magic – diamond dust. Composed of tiny glass pieces, it adds an unparalleled sparkle, allowing the painting to become multifaceted. Drawing from my makeup roots, I often feature the female form and portraits, infusing an ethereal quality with the use of diamond dust.

My artwork is abstract, bold, and an exploration of color in every stroke. It's a dance of movement and energy, an invitation to experience color in unexpected ways.

Enter my world, where each piece is a celebration of inspiration. I specialize in creating unique pieces that become cherished parts of your environment.

Join me on this artistic journey. Let my art become a part of your story, bringing a touch of glam, a splash of color, and a whole lot of inspiration into your world.

— Kiralee