Are you prepared to bring your dream artwork to life through a personalized masterpiece?

I'm Kiralee, a passionate artist with a flair for creating captivating pieces using acrylic and oil paints. What sets my work apart is the touch of magic – I embellish my creations with diamond dust. This unique addition not only adds a mesmerizing shimmer but also plays with light in an elegant dance, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.

custom motorcycle painting with acrylic oil commission tail of the dragon

How We Make Art Magic:

1. Let's Chat: Share your dreams and artistic vibes with me. We'll brainstorm ideas and create something that's uniquely yours.

2. Art Plan: After our chat, I'll whip up a plan that covers all the details – size, whether it's acrylic or oil, and, if you fancy it, a bit of that diamond dust magic.

3. Creating the Dream: Dive into the creative process, where your vision takes center stage.

4. Stay in the Loop: I'll keep you posted with regular updates and progress pics. Because this journey is as much yours as it is mine.

5. Voila!: Your masterpiece is ready to shine! I'll pack it up with care and send it your way, ensuring it arrives in all its glory.

shimmery glass canvas print

Artwork Details:

  • -All my paintings are on 1.5" gallery wrapped archival quality canvases. All the sides are painted and it comes ready to hang. Frame options available.
  • -Signed with a letter of Authenticity.
  • -I do offer FREE US Shipping, and ship Worldwide as well.
  • -Diamond Dust finish is optional.

$3.00-3.50/Square Inch
For example, a 20" x 30" Painting would be $2,100. Minimum size for commissions is 20x16". 

As of now, commissions are completed in 2 weeks if no adjustments are needed.

Ready to Dive In? If you're ready for something special, reach out! Let's talk about your ideas, figure out the details, and make some art magic happen.

Please fill out the contact form HERE to get started.